Malawian should question?-Poem-

Malawian should question?

Malawian should question
Why electricity is always on and off, and has become the order of the day?
Why water bills are so expensive as if water is being imported?

Malawians should question
Why we have many free hospitals but those hospitals have no drugs?
Why we have many free primary schools but those primary schools offer the most devalued, depleted education you can think about?

Malawian should question
Why we stand tall today with great pride and enjoying the tranquility of being called No.1 poor country in the world?
Should we sit and smile for that?

To my fellow Malawians, God gave us this country, believe me or not, we shall never have another Malawi,

We need a blue print to guide us, as we are here together as one we can transform this country.

All these are what Malawian should question.


【Message from auther】
Malawi, as a country, we have many problems and issues which can’t be sustained by our economy all these is because our leaders lack vision, mostly all the time are elections even their initiatives are there not to transform this country but either to gain popularity or to win the next elections.

So it is good to ask our leaders some very important questions because silence it means we are taking this country down the drain.

For example, we have many free primary schools in the country but those children of our leaders are being sent to expensive private schools, so that the children of the poor people should have the most devalued education.

Thank you.




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